Guide to opening a food truck or mobile food unit

in Mission, Texas

So, you’re interested in opening a food truck business in the city of Mission. This handy guide will take you step-by-step through the process and will help you get your business up and running. Once you’ve completed the checklist, call the Mission EDC to make an appointment to talk business.

Food Truck

Launching your first food truck? Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started.

Food Truck Definitions

Learn the definitions of these food truck terms to make the process of starting your business easier and more efficient!

Business Plan
Find out how to create an in-depth business plan to help bring your food truck idea to life.

Don’t have the funding to start your food truck business? Don’t panic – these resources can help you.

Getting Started

City of MIssion Permit Process

Where can you park?

in Mission, Texas

Mission Food Park

Parking Details

Special Events

Parking Details

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